Tips to Help Children Manage their Emotions

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Tips to Help Children Manage their Emotions

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Children are born with several emotional reactions such as crying, frustration, hunger, pain, etc. Again there are some emotions that they learn with their experiences as they grow older. You can’t keep your child from getting upset. It makes parents worry about their kids when they see their children struggling with their emotions. So, parents frequently enquire about finding effective ways to help their children deal with emotions. 

Here are some suggestions for the parents from Doaba Public School Parowal, one of the best schools in Garhshankar for what to do when their children express big feelings like sadness, anger, anxiety, etc.

Tips to Help Your Child Manage Emotions:

  • Teach Your Child About Emotions: Make sure you help your child recognize and define how they are feeling by striking up conversations about the feeling and talking about characters in a book or TV show. After all, it is important to help your child label their emotions by their exact name. It will help them improve their emotional awareness resulting in helping kids be mentally strong even when they feel deep emotions.
  • Separate Feeling vs. Behaviors: Teach your child the proper way to express their emotions in a socially appropriate manner. Tell your child that screaming in the middle of the store, or throwing things at school is not the right way to express your emotion; rather they have several other choices in how to respond to those uncomfortable feelings.
  • Show Acceptance: If your child is overly emotional, make them feel that you can help them fix their sensitivity. After all, kids need to learn to recognize, understand and cope with what they are going through, experiencing and feeling. Make your child feel that it is normal to feel like crying, getting angry, and being frustrated and these are not the signs of weakness.
  • Teach Your Child Emotional Regulation: The ability to regulate emotions largely depends on your child’s age and development. So, it is important to give them an age-appropriate guide to help them learn how to regulate their emotions. It can be as simple as teaching your child to practice deep breathing, counting to calm down, taking a short break when necessary, and many more.


When it comes to helping your child regulate their emotions better, the way you respond to your child’s emotions makes a big difference. Doaba Public School Parowal, being a top CBSE school in Garhshankar always focuses on helping its students deal with their emotions.

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