Our Founders

“Live for something – Do good and leave behind you a monument of virtue that the storms can never destroy – write your name in kindness, love and mercy on the hearts of thousands you come in contact with year by year, and you will never be forgotten – your name and your deeds will shine as the stars of heaven” – Chalmers


Such was the persona of Late S. Balwant Singh Sandhu Ji and Late Mrs Balvinder Kaur Ji, founders of Doaba Public School. They were exceptional visionaries who always nursed a dream of starting a school to promote the education of sublime standard. In order to realize their visionary dreams and aspirations, an institution where children could obtain quality and value-based education in all its encompassing sense, was built in the rural village named Parowal in the Doaba region.

Schools in Garhshankar
Schools in Garhshankar

Balwant Singh Sandhu ji was generous and unassuming in spite of being a chest of talents. He was synonymous with dynamism, grace and wisdom. He has a long list of professional accomplishments to his credit and was also blessed by a keen eye for business. He fostered Doaba Public School with utmost care and love. Diligence, determination, energy, focus, and a relentless drive were few qualities that that wanted to see in his Doabians.


Late Mrs. Balvinder Kaur ji was a hardcore educationist who devoted forty-four years of her life to education. As a young bride, Late Mrs. Balvinder Kaur Ji left her comfortable urban life in Chandigarh and treaded on to her journey of education. She believed in providing exceptional care, guidance and support to her dear students. She believed in holding a high head and strutted on the patch of progress with complete confidence. Mam was a great visionary who was much ahead of her time. She has left behind her a rich legacy of values that will act as a beacon for many generations to come.


The Foundation of Doaba Public School was laid in 1977. Doaba Public Sen. Sec. School is the outcome of our founders’ unrelenting drive for outstanding learning and achievements. Our founders had always sought to be extraordinary, unusual and ambitious towards the betterment of their students and staff. Their warmth and passion for all were evident and their transparent ambition for students was palpable. Our founders possessed the qualities of head and heart. They were philanthropists of their own kind who would go out of the way to extend a helping hand, not to one but many. With such a treasure of virtues, they made their living rewarding and great Souls like them will be remembered forever.