Importance of Sports and Games in Schools

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Importance of Sports and Games in Schools

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There are different aspects of a complete education. This includes mental development, physical development, and socio-emotional development. This is the reason why schools have different activities other than teaching academic subjects. The aim of education is not to impart knowledge related to various subjects but develop the capacities of every child. Sports and games are an important part of school education.

One of the main purposes of having sports and games in schools is the physical development of children. However, sports and games are not limited to merely physical aspects. Doaba School Parowal, CBSE school Parowal, thinks an individual gets to learn several life skills through sports and games. Working together as a team, sportsman spirit, confidence, determination, the will to go on and never give up, and so on are some of the things that a child learns through the medium of sports and games.

Any form of physical activity is essential for every child. It can take the form of walking, jogging, running, athletics, or any sport or game. Every child needs to be involved in something or the other. Children are usually very active in their early years, using their excessive energy in some form of physical activity. Teachers and parents must try to find out what the child takes interest in. Only if the child knows about different sports and games, s/he will be able to develop interest.

Most children show interest in athletics or any sport or game at an early age. These signs must be recognized by parents and teachers. Teachers must have discussions about sports and games and inspire children by talking about great sportspersons. From an early age, if children are motivated to imbibe certain qualities then they are more likely to work towards it. Doaba School Parowal, the top school in Parowal, believes the best way to encourage children to do something is to model it. Children love to imitate adults around them and they get inspired too. So, if adults around children are physically active, they are more likely to be physically active too.

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