Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Children

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Developing Critical Thinking Skills in Children

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Critical thinking is one of the most in-demand skills of the 21st Century. The art of thinking critically starts in early childhood, and to help the child in developing this skill set, it is crucial to understand how the brain or thought processes of your child work. Critical thinking is an ability to imagine, examine, incorporate, and evaluate information formed by observation, experience, reasoning that involves several different skills to make decisions.

In the technology-driven world and increasing complexity, critical thinking is one of the prominent skills that will determine our children’s future. The best school in Garhshankar, Doaba School Parowal, encourages students to develop a critical mindset by questioning facts and researching questionable statements. Critical thinking skills allow the child to have a good hold on new information readily and respond to complex problems.

Let us look at some ways by which we can help children develop the art of critical thinking:

1. The foundation of critical thinking is built on your child’s reading comprehension skills. Children need to develop and improve their ability to understand what they read and correlate it with real-life problems and situations.

2. Critical thinking starts with being curious and open-minded. Allowing your child to ask and answer good questions about what they have read help them in mastering the ability to understand what they read and interpreted.

3. Listen to what your child says, not with the intent to reply but with an intent to understand and empathize. When your child knows that he will not be judged but understood, it will help him in figuring out his problems on his own.

4. Help children in developing hypotheses by asking open-ended questions. Ask them what would the outcome of a particular situation be if they did something a certain way. Or give them an imaginary scenario and ask your kids to predict the possible ways it could unfold.

The neural pathways of child’s brain become stronger when they are allowed to explore, imagine and think from a whole new and different perspective. Doaba School Parowal, counted among the top 10 schools in Hoshiarpur, enables the students to function creatively and effectively in a rapidly changing world.

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