5 Simple Tips for Raising Responsible Children

5 Simple Tips for Raising Responsible Children

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Nowadays, the majority of parents are more concerned with the academic development of their children from a very early age. As a result, children are not getting enough opportunities to grow otherwise, they will not be capable enough to handle themselves responsively in the future. But children are ignorant of these facts. Here comes the role of parents who can help their children to become responsible people. Doaba Public School, the top school in Garhshankar, provides some guides for parents to help them raise responsible children.

5 Tips for Raising Responsible Kids: 

  • Start Early: It is good to start early to teach your child to become a responsible person. You can start teaching your child responsibility simply by encouraging them to say please and thank you. If your child is old enough to understand directions, you can instruct him/her to do some simple and age-according tasks.
  • Teach Consequences: Make sure to teach your child to do things for themselves along with the consequences if not done properly. Suppose, your child is responsible for packing their lunch box. But, he/she forgets their lunch for school. Let your child suffer for a single day. They will quickly learn about the consequences of being irresponsible. 
  • Offer Praise: Kids are more likely to respond when they are praised by their elders, especially their parents. So, it is good to offer praise to your child while doing a job. Make sure to praise them for their good attempt at doing any task, rather than criticizing their failure.
  • Model Responsibility: Showing your children what it means to be responsible, is the best way to teach a child to be responsible. So, it is always recommended to model good manners, responsibilities, good choices, and positive thinking in front of your child, helping them to follow in your footsteps.
  • Create Opportunities for Responsible Behaviour: Household chores are the perfect area for teaching responsibility to children. What you have to do is to explain their task clearly and set a timeline. After finishing the task, be sure to provide frequent, clear, and concrete feedback on their effort.



Yes, it is tough to raise responsible kids today, but following these tips provided by Doaba Public School, one of the best CBSE schools in Garhshankar can help your children develop into responsible adults who can contribute positively to society.

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